Sunday, March 11, 2012

Focussing On The Puppies

Lead: Rapid & BP
Swing: Pirate & Matrix
Wheel: Tramp & Charley

I have decided not to do any more big races this season in order to spend some extra time with the puppies, they are the future of our kennel after all. I have been getting the puppies out on frequent 4-6 mile runs in the team, usually consisting of 4 pups and 2 adult lead dogs. I have also been free running small groups of 2-3 puppies 4-14 miles behind the snowmachine, they seem to really enjoy this. The puppies are excelling in their training and are maturing into an awesome team of driven athletes.

We also recently added a new dog to the kennel, her name is Sparta. She comes from the Jake Berkowitz's Apex kennel in Big Lake, Alaska. Her name was Sparky when she lived with Jake, we changed her name to Sparta because we have a good friend nicknamed "sparky" and it was causing some confusion. Sparta is an Adidas X Panther puppy and will be three in early may. Adidas is the mother to our current pups, and Panther is currently leading Trent Herbst's team in the Iditarod. I'll post pictures of her soon.
Drummer and Jana  playing in the deep snow during a break
at mile 8 of a 14 mile free run.
Drummer, Jana, and Tramp taking a quick break during a free run.

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