Chaos at 6 weeks old. 2009
Molly and Shoals Puppies only a few days old. 2010
Molly and Shoals puppies. 2010
Summit, Sierra, and Rogue. 2010
Going over the Cache Mountain Devide in the White Mountains north of Fairbaks, AK. 2011

Taking a break in the White Mountains. 2011

All ten of Adidas's puppies only a few days old. 2011

Hiking With Adidas's Pups on top of Murphy Dome. 2011

Working with the puppies on obstacle training on Murphy Dome. 2011

Out on a puppy walk behind the kennel with Adidas's pups and Bandit our designated puppy walker. 2011

Half the race team waiting to Start Annette's Burger Run race in Two rivers Ak. 2012
Free running dogs. 2010

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