Monday, February 27, 2012

80 Miles In The White Mountains

Jana, Robert, the race team, and I just spent two days in the White mountains traveling 80 miles through some beautiful territory. Robert and Jana traveled via snow mobile and I ran the 9 dog team consisting of Adidas, BP, Pip, Rapid, Chupa, Swamper, Molly, Summit, and Chaos.

Robert and Jana traveled well ahead of me and the dogs, we saw them very little while traveling which made for a quieter trip for the dogs and I. The weather was perfect, it snowed off and on, and the temperature stayed between -10 and +20, not to cold or warm. The trail was a bit wet on the way out to the cabin, we went through a lot of slushy over flow which made keeping relatively dry booties on the dogs a chore. On the way home the next day, parts of the trail were still a little wet, but most of the water on the trail had frozen over night. The longest "wet" stretch was maybe 1/2 a mile of alternating glare ice, slush and water right before the cabin. The dogs all ran through it with out a problem, they hardly seemed to notice it at all to be honest, they were just happy to be out there doing what they love to do.

We ran 40 miles into a BLM cabin in windy gap on Saturday and then  40 miles back out to the truck on Sunday. They dogs enjoyed nice beds of straw at the cabin and we enjoyed the cabin, and we enjoyed the simplicity of drying out wet dog booties, harness, gloves, socks and other gear near a wood stove, not to mention the good company and awesome view. Some of the thinner coated dogs also received coats to help block the wind during the night. We had a pretty constant light breeze for most of the night, a star filled sky and faint aurora over head. It was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to do it again.

Below are some photos of our trip, I hope you enjoy them.

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