Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sparta's Puppies

Strange & Dana

Sparta's puppies are growing nicely and doing very well. They are a month old now and getting more and more playful and adventurous by the day. I started them on solid food about five days ago now and they are really liking it.
Within the next week or so I'll start taking a few out at a time to go and walks. And I have been spending some time taking them into the tent to hang out and get some time with me with out any other puppies around. They are really neat puppies full of personality and I am looking forward to watching them grow and develop into sled dogs.

The theme for this litter is Axel manufacturers and their names are:
Males: Rockwell, Spicer and Axis.
Females: Eaton, Dana, Venture, Sterling, and Strange.


Venture, Eaton, and Strange. 

Life at Dog Camp

I find peace in the raw beauty that surrounds us every day, reminding us how small we really are and how blessed we are to experience life on a glacier with 250 amazing canine athletes and 16 unique people from all over the world brought together because of the lure of adventure and the love of sled dogs.

One of my teams harnessed up and waiting to go to work.

Part of the dog yard, with tour teams in the distance. 
 Sparta demonstrates how a hinged roof makes for great puppy viewing. 

The view from my tent on a mostly clear evening. 

This is the north side of camp, where there are 160 sled dogs,
only about half are pictured here. 
An early season avalanchewhere the snow runs down the rocks just like water.
Some of the tents we live in. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spending the Summer on a Glacier

The dogs and I are spending the summer on a section of the Denver Glacier just out side of Skagway Alaska doing sled dog tours for Alaska Icefield Expeditions. The dogs are enjoying the snow and being able to run every day and I am enjoying being able to run them with a sled in the summer time, plus I am getting to meet a bunch of really cool people from all over the world. I am only in Skagway once a week with limited internet so please be patient with me about getting pictures and updates posted. Six days a week I am up on the Ice with the dogs.

On May 23 Sparta gave birth to eight healthy puppies, 5 females and 3 males. All are growing quickly and are very healthy. I will have pictures of them up in the next week or two.