Boundary sled dog kennel is a small racing kennel. Our goal is to qualify for and run the 1000 mile Yukon Quest in 2014, and to also be competitive in mid-distance races of 100-500 miles in length. In order to qualify for the Yukon Quest we need to complete a two hundred and a three hundred mile race, and also earn enough money to cover the costs of dog food, fuel for the truck, gear,  race entry fees, and more.
Taking care of and racing a sled dog kennel is not only time-consuming but a large financial responsibility. We use about 40 lbs of dog kibble every two to three days, 1-2 tons of meat each winter, thousands of dog booties, vet bills, race entry fees, etc, this all adds up very quickly.
All donations are extremely helpful and very appreciated.

We would like to take a minute to thank our sponsors for everything they do, they make racing possible for us. There is no end to our gratitude.

- Thank you Dome Creek Kennels for the use of their dog trailer this winter to help us transport dogs to and from races. We wouldn't of been able to get to races with out you. And also thank you for handling for us during the Solstice 100 in December of 2011.

-Thank you to Jana for kennel sitting and taking such good care of the dogs who stay home when we take the race team to races and out on multi-day training runs. And also thank  you for helping me get an extra team of dogs out for a run from time to time, you are an excellent traveling companion. I don't worry when the dogs are in your care.

-Thank you Josh for helping us get both the kennel website and the fur sewing website up and going.

- Thank you to Emma for donating dog booties to the kennel, we use a lot of them and your donation has really helped us out this season.

- I would like to send an extra big thank you out to my parents who supported me and my dogs while I was growing up, with out their help and continued encouragement and advice I wouldn't be where I am today.

- Also a big thank you to every one else who has helped us get to where we are today. We are grateful for your support and encouragement.

Are you interested in joining our team and becoming a sponsor,  but unsure how? Below are a few suggestions as to how you can join our team and help us reach our racing goals.

~Purchase a fur product from Boundary Fur Sewing. 100% of all profits made go towards supporting the kennel.

~Purchase an item off our wish list for us:

-Critter Woods snow hook. Snow hooks are the parking breaks of the mushing world, mushers use them when they have to stop their team and get off their sled to keep the dogs from running off with out them. Sled dogs are truly born to run and aren't like your typical house dog, given the chance they will run whether the musher is on the sled or not. A good snow hook is important and critter woods makes one of the best. A Critter Woods Snow Hook can be purchased from their website.

-Dog booties. Foot care is extremely important, if you don't take care of a dogs feet then they can't run. There is no truer saying than "No foot, No dog." that's why we use dog booties. Booties help protect the dogs feet from a multitude of problems including cuts, and splits. Booties can be purchased from Mountain Ridge Quality Sled Dog Equipment, and we primarily use sizes medium and large.

-Massage liniment. As any athlete or hard working person knows when you use muscles a lot they tend to get sore, the same goes for sled dogs. We use Accede massage liniment when massaging the dogs muscles, and joints after hard training runs and during races. Accede can be purchased from Ten Squared Racing .

- Dog coats. We use dog coats from dogbooties.com to help protect the dogs in extreme cold and on windy days. We use the green ones in size 24.

 ~Sponsor a Dog!  Sponsor a dog  and I'll put Sponsored by and your name under your sponsored dogs photo on my meet the team page and I'll send you an autographed  photo of your sponsored dog, as well as updates and insider information on  your dog of choice. Dog Sponsorships range in price from $50 for puppies, $100 for yearlings or retired dogs, and $200 for the race team. Please go to our meet the team  page to choose which dog you'd like to sponsor and see which dogs are available for sponsor ship. Once you decide which dog you'd like to sponsor please email me at boundaryfursewing@gmail.com to start the process.

~Make a donation to the kennel. All donations of any size are very helpful and very appreciated. You can donate money to be used for a specific item such as booties, food, or vet bills or just make a general donation to the kennels upkeep fund. You can donate by sending cash, *check, or a *money order to Amanda Gecas PO Box 71657 Fairbanks AK 99707
*please make all checks or money orders out to Amanda Gecas, Thank you.

~Pay an entrance fee for an upcoming race or donate fuel money for our dog truck.

Buy a round of kibble.
From: Inukshuk 1-800-561-0072

Make sure to contact us at boundaryfursewing@gmail.com so we can thank you, and so we will know to expect your donation.

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