Dogs For Sale & Current and past litters

Dogs For Sale / Current & Past Litters


~ Dogs For Sale ~


We currently do not have any dogs for sale.

~ Current & Up Coming Litters ~

We do not have any  litters planned at this time.

~ Past litters ~

 Pirate x Rucu ( Ryno Sled Dog Kennel Kennel )
Born: June 23, 2014

Krieger (M) Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Chagga (F) Ryno Sled Dog Kennel Kennel
"Earl" Grey (M) Ryno Sled Dog Kennel
Curly (M) Sold to Black Spruce Dog Sledding
Larry (M) Sold to Black Spruce Dog Sledding
Moe (M) Sold to Black Spruce Dog Sledding

Sparta  X Chaos

Born: May 23, 2012

Dana (F) Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Rockwell (M) Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Strange (F) Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Axis (M) Sold to Smokin' Ace Kennel
Spicer (M) Sold to Smokin' Ace Kennel
Eaton (F) Sold to Smokin' Ace Kennel
Venture (F) Sold to Smokin' Ace Kennel
Sterling (F) Sold to Dome Creek Kennel

Adidas X Solomon

Born: May 26, 2011

Tundra (F) - Sold
Montuk (F) -Sold to Cranberry Kennel
Champ (M) - Sold to Smokin' Ace Kennel
Drift (M) - Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Charley (M) -Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Tramp (M) - Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Matrix (F) - Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Jana (F) - Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Drummer (F) - Boundary Sled Dog Kennel
Pirate (F) - Boundary Sled Dog Kennel

Willow X Chaos

Born: January 9, 2011

Carbide (M) - Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Jack (M) - Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Chewy (M) - Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Copper (M) - Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Ebony (F) - Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Pounce (F)  - Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Fritz (F) -  Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Cowboy (M) - Sold to Dome Creek Kennel
Albert (M) - Sold

Molly X Shoal  
Born: January 31, 2010

Rogue (F) - Boundary Sled Dog Kennel 
Summit (M) - Sold
Sierra (F) - Sold
Aspen (F) - Sold
Whistler (M) - Sold
Surly (M) -


  1. Cute little of puppies! Wish I had a bigger dog kennel now...

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