Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Rivers 100 & 200

I ended up handling for a friend of mine, Sarah Love for the Two Rivers 100 instead of running it this year like I had previously planned. I was a little bummed not to be running the race my self, but I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about check point routines by watching the racers at two of the three check points in the 200 mile race and at the only checkpoint in the 100 mile race. I look forward to next years race and feel confident I can take what I learned and be more competitive next year than I could have this year.
Below are a few pictures I took of Sarah's team and also a picture taken by photographer Jana DeNapoli who takes really nice pictures.

Some of Sarah's dogs waiting for their booties
before the race start. 
Sarah's team checking into the check point at the
50 mile half way point, where they took a 4 hour mandatory
rest before completing the last 50 miles of the race.
Sarah snacking her team before bedding
them down during their 4 hour mandatory
layover at the halfway checkpoint.
Sarah's team not long after starting the race with Duke and Velma in lead.
Photo Credit: Jan DeNapoli
Sarah ran this years race with a group of yearlings to give them some race experience, she had 4 veteran racers on her team and 8 yearlings. Her team did amazing for being so young and inexperienced. They finished the race in second place a mere 6 minutes behind first place slamming their harnesses and barking to go. I think  given a little more experience and time to mature this team has the potential to go far in the racing world.

Sarah and her husband Clint Warnke own and operate Ridge Line Kennel out side of Fairbanks, Ak. Clint is a 5 time Iditarod finisher and he and Sarah both have competed in multiple Mid distance races. You'd be hard pressed to find nicer people who take better care of their dogs.

You may have noticed that the harnesses on Sarah's dogs look different than the regular X-Back Harnesses you most commonly see and that is because they are. They are Known as  G-Cel Harness and were designed by Mike Santos to allow the dogs to move more freely while running like they do when free running with no harness on at all. Also the tug lines attach to these harness on the side eliminating down ward pressure on the dogs hips and back. You can learn more about these harnesses and Mike Santos and his kennel by visiting his website at www.wolfsdenkennel.com
It is my hope that in the near future I will be able to out fit my team with this style of harness.

Below are the race results for the 2012 Two Rivers 200 & 100;

1. Judy Currier
2. Heidi Sutter
3. Sue Ellis
4. Greg Stoddard
5. Cody Strathe
6. Leila Javadi-Babreh
7. Jimmy Lebling
Scratched-Tony Angelo

1. Jason Weitzel
2. Sarah Love
3. Joel Switzer
4. Jody Potts
5. Ilana Kingsley

For more information on the Two Rivers 200 & 100 please visit www.trdma.org

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