Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Jaunt

On Sunday afternoon our friend Jana and her dog Sawyer came over and we all went on a short and fun 12 mile adventure. I ran a team of 9 dogs, Robert ran a team of 8, we switched teams about 8 miles into the run so Robert could see how the pups that were running in my team are coming along. Puppy training has primarily been my project this year. Jana skijored behind with her dog Sawyer and our dog Molly. We swapped Sawyer out With Pip a few miles from the house to give Jana some extra pulling power to get up the hills closer to the kennel.
It was a beautiful sunny March day, and the puppies got to experience  different trail conditions and obstacles such as glare ice, skiers, and loose dogs, they handled every challenge with ease like they'd been doing this kind of thing their whole life. The glare ice didn't even faze them. Matrix one of the 9.5 month old pups even got to try her paw at lead for a few miles towards the end of the run. I put her upfront next to her Mother Adidas in the chase (or second) team. She did really well, so well in fact that I forgot she was upfront at one point. I am looking forward to watching her mature and grow into the fantastic sled dog I know she is going to be.

Team #2
Chupa Adidas
Matrix Jana
Swamper Drummer
Pip Summit 
Team #1
Rapid BP
Tramp Charley
Drift Chaos
Gus Rogue
Jana Skijoring with Molly and her dog Sawyer.

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