Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warmer Weather

The weather has finally warmed up a bit here at the kennel. Over the past week we've been enjoying -5f to +10f weather with afternoon highs of +20f the past two days. The dogs and I have been hitting the trail as much as possible.

We will be running a race in Two Rivers Alaska this Saturday called Annette's Burger Run it is a 30 mile fun race from Pleasant Valley store to the Angel Creek lodge. It is a mass start race meaning teams take off as they are ready instead of at timed intervals usually 2 minutes apart which makes for a fun chaotic beginning. Run times are timed, but you aren't awarded based on run times, you are awarded for things such as worst dressed musher, or prettiest team, or brightest sled bag or what ever the race judge decides, all entrants get a prize of some sort, and a hamburger at the finish line. This will be my third year running this race, we love this race, it's always a lot of fun and gives the dogs great race experience with out all the pressure of a highly competitive event.You can go to for more information and to read the race rules.

My team excitedly awaiting departure for todays run.

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