Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Harness Training Puppies

I am beginning to wonder if we are ever going to get a break from the extreme cold, temperatures are staying between -30 and -50f with most days being about -40f. I have taken advantage of the warmer -30 days to take the race team out on longer runs, and then on the colder days I have been trying to catch up on my sewing and other projects I have going. I spent part of our very short daylight hours yesterday and today harness training puppies. When harness training puppies the idea is to keep everything fun, not scary, and also to prevent them from chewing on things like their harness. I have been taking teams of 3 puppies and 4-5 adult dogs out at a time. The adults job is to set a good example, pull most of the weight so the pups don't have to, and of course keep the team moving in the right direction. This group of puppies is by far the easiest I have ever trained, they catch on quickly, haven't even tried chewing on anything, and just want to run and pull. I have been taking them on runs about 3 miles long and they come back wagging their tails still wanting more which is exactly what I want to see. I am looking forward to having these pups on my race team next year.
Below are a few pictures of a couple of the pups learning the ropes.

Tramp (L) and Charley (R) being really good and patiently
waiting to start the run. Their sister Jana looks on from her spot in
the dog yard, she ran with the team on the previous day.

Drift (7.5 month old pup) with Summit (an almost 2 year old adult)

Charley and tramp in wheel with drift on the left in front
of them about a mile into the run. 

Matrix during a quick break during yesterdays run, refusing to look at
me so that I can take her picture. I honestly think this dog knows what a camera
is, she will refuse to look at just about any camera but will look at you all you want if you
aren't holding one. 

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