Monday, February 13, 2012

Annette's Burger Run 2012

We had an awesome race on Saturday finishing in 4th place with a run time of 2 hours 56 minutes and 40 seconds including the time it took me to harness up the team and take off which was about 10 minutes. The race was 32 miles long and the weather was beautiful, sunny and hot with temps ranging in the high 20's and 30's which is a little warm for the dogs so we had frequent short stops so the dogs could bite snow. I also stopped part way through the race to take my dogs booties off since they got really wet while crossing some over flow and also because it's easier for the dogs to stay cooler on hot days if they aren't wearing any booties.

A total of  11 teams participated in this mass start race where all your handler could do was hold your leaders and team out strait while you harnessed and hooked the dogs into the team your self. Only one team got away from their musher at the start but were quickly recovered and went on to finish 3rd. I imagine from a spectators view point mass start races are more entertaining than races where mushers leave 2 minutes apart.

Below are a few photos of my team taken by photographer Jan DeNapoli at the finish line of the race.

Race Results: 
1st - Jessica Hendrick 2h25:06.
 2nd - Joel Switzer 2h35:25.
 3rd - Abby Brooks 2h44:50. 
4th - Amanda Gecas 2h56:40. 
5th - Brendan Wolff 3h01:56. 
6th - Nicolay Ettyne 3h09:30. 
7th - Robert Ramirez 3h13:43. 
8th - Suzan Amundsen 3h17:26. 
9th - Melissa Rouge 3h23:22.
10th - Jimmy Lebling 3h36:27. 
11th - John Dixon 3h56:40.
Congratulations to all the mushers and their dogs. And also a huge thank you to all the handlers and race volunteers, no race would happen with out you guys.

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