Monday, November 7, 2011


We have been getting more snow over the last few days and finally have enough to run small teams on sleds. Both the dogs and I are ecstatic, we are looking forward to more snow and bigger teams. The first team I ran was 4 dogs, and it went really well, there isn't a lot of breaking power yet, due to a lack of snow to sink our breaks into. The second team was a three dog team, and we also had a nice run with no problems. I ran both teams about 4 miles, not a long run, but just long enough to get out and enjoy this new snow. Soon we will be doing runs of 50 plus miles.
Team number one consisted of BP and Rapid in lead and
 Chaos and Summit in wheel.

The dogs were so excited to be out and running in this fresh snow they ran really fast  with great enthusiasm the whole way, it was all I could do to hang on for some of the bumpier places and sharp corners. Since it can be difficult to hang on and take pictures, I only have pictures of the easy sections of trail. 

Team number one after arriving home.
Team number two consisted of Adidas in lead, and
Pip, and Molly in wheel. 
Pip voices his excitement about the pending run. 

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