Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snowy Bliss

The past few days have brought warmer temperatures, and more snow. We now have about 6 or so inches of snow on the ground not a lot, but it is still snowing we are hoping for much much more. The dogs and I are loving the fresh snow.

 I am excited our first race of the season in two weeks. It is only a 10 mile fun race, but it's still exciting. Several times through out the year the mushers around Fairbanks come together north east of Fairbanks in a place called Two Rivers for "fun" races, these races aren't very long only 10-30 or so miles, the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association hosts these and some longer 100 and 200 mile races. The idea as with most races is to get together, race dogs and have lots of fun...wining is nice to. These shorter fun races have a really fun atmosphere and serve as great training runs for young race dogs, it lets them experience the chaos of a race with out the serious competitive pressure one finds in a longer race. It is also good experience for dogs and musher alike passing other teams.
To learn more about the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association and their races and events please go to 


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