Friday, September 26, 2014

A Photo Journey of our 2014 Yukon Quest 300

Bringing the team up to the starting line of the Yukon Quest 300 in down town Fairbanks.

A few words with my lead dogs Jackal and Adidas before starting

 the race.

And we're off! we started the race in 16th place, we were also the final team to leave.
Me putting booties on Pirate while Strange looks on at the Two Rivers check point about 70 miles into the race. Adidas was dropped at this check point due to some minor back pain from slipping on some ice on the chena river, she has since healed. I was admittedly a little nervous about the next leg of the race and our climb over rose bud summit with only young dogs who had never seen the trail before. How ever it was in vain because Jackal and Jana really stepped up to the plate and flawlessly led us over the mountain.

Arriving at the next check point known as Mile 101 because it is located at mile 101 of the Steese highway, it is really at about mile 110-115 of the race. Jackal and Gus are in lead here, although Gus hasn't been up there more than a mile or two and this was his only time in lead during the race.

There was a lot of overflow we had to go through on the way into the checkpoint and the dogs are going "bare foot" or with out booties to help with their traction on the ice and also because they were getting really wet and covered in ice and snow that was sticking to them. Here Rockwell and Strange look really happy to see Josh Spice who took all of these pictures. Thank you Josh!

Preparing to bed the team down for their brief rest and vet check before continuing on over and traversing Eagle summit. Tramps race ended here due to a stomach bug he picked up along the way. He got to finish the rest of the race in his toasty dog box.

Having a quick chat with Robert about coming over Rose bud summit while the dogs rest on the straw and clean the ice off of themselves from all of the over flow we had just gone through. It was quite warm that day, notice I am not wearing a hat, and the dogs didn't seem to mind going through a little water to much.
Preparing the team to leave the mile 101 check point. Notice Chaos is up and barking to go already, he isn't one to hit the snooze button.

Robert holds the team for me so that I can grab my drop bags before parking the team at the Central checkpoint half way through the race.
Jackal in single lead coming into the Circle city checkpoint after a long cold run over Birch Creek.

Matrix and Gus, followed by Strange, Pirate, and Chaos wait patiently for my mandatory gear check to be completed after arriving in Circle City.

Heading to our parking spot in the Circle city dog lot for a well earned rest and meal.

The dogs watch with anticipation as I open the bale of straw to bed them down after taking off their booties.

The team sleeping on straw under fleece blankets in circle city.

Arriving at the finish line in 7th place in central after another long run over Birch Creek.

The team shortly after arriving at the finish line in Central after what is considered 300 of the toughest race miles Alaska has to offer.

Me with my leaders Jana and Jackal at the finish line. Ready for some food and some well earned sleep.
To see the official race trail map, and final standings or to learn more about the Yukon Quest 300 which is a 300 mile sled dog race that in 2014 ran from Fairbanks Ak to Circle City Ak, and back to Central Ak over 300 miles of what is considered the toughest 300 race miles Alaska has to offer. And for information on the 2015 race that starts in White Horse YT CA please visit their website at

Also all the photo credit in this post goes to Josh Spice. Thank you for all the great pictures you captured of the dogs and I during our amazing journey.

I also have to say a big thank you to my handlers on the race Robert Gecas my amazing Husband and Josh Spice for doing such a great job and doing everything thing you could to help encourage and support me during this incredible journey.

Also a big thank you to all of the race officials, vets, volunteers, sponsors, and  fans. With out you this race wouldn't be possible.

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