Thursday, August 29, 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like fall

It is beginning to look a lot like fall time around the kennel. The leaves are turning yellow, the temperatures are cooling, and we are getting lots of foggy mornings. There is a lot to do in preparation for our first dog run, which with fingers crossed will be Monday. I am working on the finishing touches of painting the dog box. Here is a sneak peak of how its coming. Thanks to Hanna Marie in Eagle for designing our new logo.

I have also continued with that never ending chore we call fire wood. We are only about a chord away from meeting my goal and I am so excited. The feeling of knowing you have enough fire wood to make it through the winter is a good one. Fire wood to us is like money in the bank. Of course reaching my goal for this winter doesn't mean we are done, it only means that the wood we will be gathering will be for the following winter.

We have already had a few nights that were to chilly for our garden, we have lost all of our food producing plants except for a few of the herbs and one really stubborn lettuce plant. Luckily I predicted the cooler temperatures thanks to a heads up from a friend, and I was able to bring our harvest in before it was to late. My sunflower plant that wasn't looking to hot this spring and given my history of failure with sunflowers is surprisingly thriving. Its in need of being re-potted, but at this point I am not gonna bother, it could succumb to these cold nights at any time. But just the same I am still hoping it blooms. Here is a picture of my hardy sunflower with  Bandit to give you an idea of how massive this previously grim looking plant has  gotten.

I have also been on a quest to fill our freezer with caribou, grouse, and maybe even a black bear. So far I haven't succeeded, but I am going to keep trying. We also have lots of rabbits to add to the freezer this year and the number just keeps growing, we had a nice healthy litter of seven born last night. Here is a picture of me and my friend Hollie caribou hunting in the White mountains.

Excitement is in the air at the kennel and I am not sure who is more excited me or the dogs to be training again. My next post should be about how our first dog run or two went.

Until next time happy trails.

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