Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Pictures From The Top Of The World 350

Running into the sunrise on our way back to Tok in the last
20 miles of the race.

40 Mile River Valley 
Getting closer to Chicken in the early hours of the morning
on our way back to Tok.

Eagle Bluff, mid-afternoon on our way out of Eagle.

Jana, Matrix, and BP sleeping in Chicken on the first
part of the race.

My  team on top of Polly summit heading towards Eagle.

View from Polly summit.

Another beautiful section of the Taylor highway. 
Overflow formations along the trail.

My team not far out of Chicken on day two of the race.

Crossing a windy Tanana River on our way back to Tok.
Widow Makers Valley out side of Tok.

Climbing up the Widow Makers Valley on our way back into Tok,
day 5 of the race.

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  1. Awesome photos, Amanda! Winter landscapes are so beautiful, and I think that winter skies are often more colorful than those of summer. Love the pictures of the dogs, especially the sleepy ones! They earned their rest, didn't they?!